Christmas Countdown: Day 21-24

Well Hi There!

Excuse me for being FASHIONABLY late again, but here I am recapping the last of my Christmas Countdown right on the last day of the year (Hooray we made it!)

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and enjoying your NYE! I’ve become incredibly sick after Christmas Day which is the reason for my delay. But since Christmas has now passed, allow me to just make a small recap of how the last 4 days of the Countdown went, since they’re all simple anyways 😉

Day 21: Wrap Christmas Gifts

There’s really not much you can say about Wrapping Christmas gifts, except for me to say, “I wrapped them”. But setting a day aside to wrap all the gifts feels glor-i-ous.

DGB hates wrapping gifts (he says he sucks at them, whatever) but I absolutely LOVE wrapping Christmas present, so who guess who gets to wrap them all?!

Day 22: Decorate + Fill Stockings

In addition to the gift-giving, I figured adopting a stocking stuffer tradition would be a perfect touch on Christmas day. We normally didn’t do the whole stocking thing growing up, so I made little cute ones for my family with a side of new little mugs for them.


Day 23: Make a HomeMade Present

Now for Gift-giving reasons, I’m not going to show what the final gift looks like just yet, only because we haven’t given the gift to the person we want to give it to (DGB’s auntie and uncle).

However, hint: wood, nails, stain, and a good amount of string is a good hint.


Day 24: Gingerbread House Time!

So before I DON’T MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS and let you all down, just an early FYI that my gingerbread house SUCKED. However, the cookie/recipe tasted so awesome possum. Literally, and not to toot my own horn, but it was the best Gingerbread cookie I ever had.

Possibly the reason why the cookie tasted so amazing was that I didn’t add molasses – so sorry to the people who love molasses).

Anyway. Here’s a few pics to highlight the Gingerbread fail process. Few cookies designed by my siblings:




That’s the end of 2017! I’ve enjoyed this past year of travels etc. I have so much more blogs for you this year!

**All Gifs Not Designed by Me**



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