Christmas Countdown: Day 17-20

It’s now the second to last post for our Christmas Countdown (THANK THE LAWDDD!)


We are on Days 17-20, which takes a bit of action and little thinking.


Day 17: Give a Christmas Photoshoot

I gave my beautiful sorority Little Sis a photoshoot! Staged in our living room, we took funky Ikea lights and my dew drop lights to feature a little Christmas theme. This works so well in my favor since I’ve been wanting to play around more with Photo Editing.

Here’s a sample photo – I’ll get back on a gallery 🙂

Day 18:  Try a New Recipe

DGB and I did a quick somethin’ somethin’ for this day. Our Recipe that we chose was a Steak Wrap! And I didn’t take a picture because I suck at taking pictures of food. But here’s a gif! steak.gif

It’s simple. Bell-peppers, Cheese, and Onions wrapped by Steak (held by a toothpick). Don’t forget your seasoning!

Not much to say, but it was yummy for dinner and had leftovers for lunch!

Day 19: Do a Good Deed

Time to be thoughtful.


In the beginning of the challenge, I’ve featured a Donation day which hella showcased the spirit of giving. Although it was a pretty neat, selfless day, I felt that having only one day to acknowledge others outside your family is probably not enough. Since we’re getting closer to Christmas, we’re getting under the hectic shopping and pressure of wrapping presents causing us to forget about the others. So here I am dedicating another day! And it’s not a day where I can just go online and donate but do something in person.

Something small I did was just take some leftovers,  wrapped it up, and gave it to a homeless person that I usually see on the same spot when I head to and from work.


Day 20: Share a Christmas Story

The main Christmas Story that I always heard growing up was the Birth of Jesus. I was always part of Church plays when I was a child, so this is the story that always stuck to me. It’s a pretty well-known story: you have Mary, Joseph, Three Wise Men, and the Newborn Jesus in the setting of a Stable of Bethlehem. Alas, under a starry, beautiful night, He was born.


Click Here for the Christmas Story


And speaking of Stars, DGB and I finally watched Star Wars! I won’t post any spoilers, but here’s a tribute to Princess Carrie:


**All Gifs Not Designed by Me**


  1. Aww, your friend is beautiful & the picture turned out super cool. Looking forward to seeing the gallery!
    & I love that you brought your leftovers to the homeless guy, that really warmed my heart!


  2. Cool photograph.😃 I had fun reading this enjoyable post. I agree with doing good deeds. I share food and clothes too homeless children before. It warms my heart that somehow I could help in a simple way. Thank you for sharing.


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