Christmas Countdown: Day 13-16


Little Recap, like always. In case you forgot (and give you a break going back to links)

Looks like we have a short 4 days to this blog!

Day 13: Start a New Christmas Tradition

The dilemma to adopt a Christmas Tradition between DGB and me took a lot of discussions. Because 1, if you want a real tradition, get a decent one that you can adopt FOREVERRR. 2, Sometimes you get lazy – so gotta come up something easy for us (in my opinion).

Not to be too dramatic, but for your Christmas Tradition planning, I think Day 13 is a dope day to initiate any tradition because it’s also the start for your 12 days of Christmas.

But considering that I wrote a sweet letter to someone, we figured let’s write a sweet letter to each other, so we did. DGB and I wrote our own letters and agreed to not open it until Christmas day. Now, what to talk about it in the letter each year? Talk about the year with each other. That’s it. Keep it nice and fresh every year.


Day 14: Share a Christmas Photo

I think what I’m super psyched about sharing a Christmas Photo is that this was IN PARIS! And it’s Disneyland Paris! I still haven’t written about visiting Paris yet – but I swear, after Christmas, it’ll be here.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so there ya go:


Day 15: Wear Your Ugly Christmas Sweater:

And I sure did. DGB gave me an EARLY Christmas gift at the beginning of the month (MAN WAS I HAPPY). What was it? Well considering that this is the topic “UGLY SWEATER”, then yes – a sweater.

And it’s a T-Rex Christmas Sweater! With a pocket that holds my beer!

We also attended an Ugly Chrismas Sweater/White Elephant/Potluck party on this day too. So alas, here’s the picture of everyone in their Christmas UGLY Sweater!

Day 16: Make a Fleece Blanket

Making a blanket is SUPER easy and I have directions for you that I will upload this weekend. Unfortunately, don’t have a picture of it unless it’s going to be in the post. But, the lucky fleece blanket was made for DGB! Well because what’s mine is his right… and So he can stay super cozy 😉

That is it for now! Have some sweets and got a new one for you tomorrow!

**All GIFs Not Designed By Me**

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