Christmas Countdown: Day 9-12

and HOWDY Again! Here I am reflecting on December Challenge Day 9-12, posting late night because MAN today was a whirlwind!




Day 9: Bake Christmas Brownies

So my vision of Christmas Brownies were either Christmas Shaped Brownies or Christmas-colored M&M’s in my brownies. Unfortunately, my resources were a bit slim so the vision I had for Brownies were not executed! BUT… NOT TO FEAR!!

There is always room to prep your ideal Christmas Brownie – you just gotta think OUTSIDE THE BOX. (Get it… OUTSIDE THE BOX????)

Christmas Brownies

And YAS, we thought OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! The brownie box that is, meaning we have a cylinder addition that we were able to top the brownies with! *drumroll please* Featuring the Limited Edition Peppermint Ice Cream – Oh, happy day. Must I say, The Peppermint Ice Cream mixed with Brownies was a great combination that definitely kept the December festivities going.

However *** NOTE TO SELF: I definitely have to look at the next day challenges so I can better prepare to carpe each diem.

We also went to a White Elephant Onesie Party! Check out our Stormtrooper and Chewbacca suit 😀

Day 10: Get a New Ornament

Another day of money going down the pipes!! Because what’s December without spending tons of money (cries deeply inside).

Well not necessarily, but having a partner to help me with this challenge has been KEY to keep this going. And here we finally have our FIRST OFFICIAL ornament that together. Finally, after 3 years and 4 Christmases together. It’s a start to a tradition 😉


Day 11: Write a Sweet Letter to Someone

Some people find it tough to write a sweet letter to someone, including me. But writing a sweet letter other than your significant other sure helps you feel more selfless. I just feel that you were able to ponder and take a deep insight into another person’s life and greeting them with something that would definitely lift their spirits.

A few tips that I found helpful to start your sweet letters:

  • Tell them why you chose them to write to. There should be an AMAZING reason.
  • Reflect on their year. What did this person normally share with you? Did their stories have anything in common with one another that made them want to share them with you? Or did their stories help you in a way? Jot it down.
  • What’s their #1 Trait? Remind them. And tell them how grateful you are to know someone to have that #1 trait (If you really are grateful).
  • And tell them they have a friend in you. I mean come on, dude, you’re writing a sweet letter. BE SWEET.

And here’s a photo of my Sweet Letter recipient: my coworker, Natasha!

I bid her nothing but love, happiness, and a brighter year. CARPE YEAR!

Day 12: Make S’mores

After a day of being sweet, treat yo’self! I loved this day because I love food! S’mores are your typical graham crackers with your chocolate and marshmallows (because obviously who doesn’t know that)…  but DUDE – it doesn’t HAVE to be that way!

My roommates and I made our own concoction of S’mores using cookies instead of crackers!! COOKIES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. And like I said, it’s nice to twist up a challenge for someone else other than your partner, especially when they get so busy. And look at my housemates working so hard together.

Oh, and did I mention it wasn’t just ANY cookie… but Doughbie Cookies! We had Doughbie Cookies as the ends…  with their festive Confetti Cookies Merry n’ Mini Holiday Cookie Jar and their signature Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt. I swear, add this with the Peppermint Ice Cream and you will never regret eating this unforgiving dessert.

I mean look how good that is!


Other than that. That’s all folks! Now let me enjoy the next few days with more Christmas Cheer. However, I made another DIY Christmas Decor that you guys need to check out next.


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