Christmas Countdown: Day 5-8

Hi Again! I’m super late on updating!

However…. BEHOLD DAY 5-8! Here’s a little refresh of the December Challenge Calendar:

Day 5: Make a DIY Decor

I’m of course going to make something Christmas-related for this Specific Challenge. This little process literally took no more than 20 minutes – AND I used the SAME materials that I’m going to use for the wreath (Day 7) to help save money. Easy.

I made a Christmas Door Knob Hanger!

This process is so simple. I’ll be posting DIY directions soon.

Day 6: Drink Hot Cocoa

A little relaxing challenge. What’s another way to continue the warm feels of Christmas besides a good old cup of HOT cocoa (No, I never had eggnog, so cocoa it is)

Me and DGB used our new mugs and he toasted up with marshmallows.

There’s not much to say about how we made the hot cocoa because some workdays are busier than others. That being said, we made it with a quick Nestle mix. A few chill days is good for the Christmas Spirit! You don’t want to stress yourself out.

However, I will get back to you on a nice hot cocoa recipe sometime 🙂


Day 7: Decorate a Wreath

Here we are taking time to decorate a fake wreath. So no, this is not the one that you can pick up some forage and put together (sad face and unfortunately). But I have a good reason! I wanted to decorate a wreath that we could hang up every year, ergo, I wanted the first one that we decorated together to be a fake one.

Materials below (Mind you, some of these were used for the doorknob hangar):

Materials that I’ve used to secure the decorations are as follows:

  • Hot Glue
  • Thin White String

The String was used to secure the larger decorations on the wreath and the Christmas bells. It’s a bit tough to strategically place the  Christmas bells, but I recommend to tie them down one by one.

As for the hot glue,  I’ve used this to secure the smaller items around the larger decorations and to glue the BELIEVE sign.

Make your little bow and bam! Christmas Wreath. (Then get your wreath hangar, duh).

Day 8: Make HomeMade Christmas Cards

For this one, I wanted to make something simple but a bit funny. To keep cards fun, I just cut up a few pics, put them on cardstock, and wrote whatever I liked for our little Greeting Cards.

My friends are a more sentimental-loving type of people, so they appreciated the legit goof behind the gift.

As mentioned, you’re going to need a chill day in a Challenge – kind of like little breaks between your workouts.

Here’s them receiving it on Day 9!

Yes, I sucked at blogging in time for these days, but HAIII I did it! And I’m still here writing for my next few days so we can catch up a bit 🙂

Continuing from Day 8, however, DGB and I enjoyed my work Christmas Party!

That is it for now, Cheers!



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