Christmas Countdown: Day 1-4

Happy December!

Man, I am SO into the Christmas Spirit this year!

Instantly right after Thanksgiving, DGB and I put up the Christmas tree, lights, and a few decorations that we have! (Yes, started early, no big deal). We had an amazing time traveling during November, hence why I barely posted in the month, but here I am! READY for December.

I wanted to do something different other than attend Christmas parties and give gifts, so, what more to end the year with a little Christmas Spirit Challenge? LONG BEHOLD AND PRESENTING: just my little online, advent version of a challenge to help get us PUMPED for Christmas (or get me pumped, whatever). christmaschallenge2017

Let me get Started! but first – look at me Christmas Ready…….


Day 1: Get Jolly w/ Friends

LIFTOFF. Since I’ve already gone Christmas decoration crazy at home, I’ve figured getting “Jolly” with friends on December 1st would do. Yes – any type of Jolly, but in my case, good booze JOLLY.

We continue from the Thanksgiving week to starting off December 1st with a spirit of more giving and a spirit of more gratefulness… Ergo, I felt that getting a tad bit “jolly” with good people would be great to start with (plus feeling the Christmas vibes with the decorations around the house.)

Funny that this was placed as the first challenge because we’ve spent a good time catching up and sharing about how much we LOVE Christmas – so we were ALL ready.  In my opinion, well-placed 1st Day Challenge. Maybe it should be a good excuse to get Jolly with my friends all the time.

More of a thoughtful tip: Good vibes start of December, Good vibes rest of December


Day 2: Watch a Christmas Movie

I’ve bugged DGB about this, but omg yes! He put on a Christmas movie for us and family to watch!

I suppose the gif gave it away *smirk face*, but so many Christmas movies and DGB picked ELF. Will Ferrell, you the man. DGB said he only wanted a funny, Christmas movie – so got this


Day 3: Give an Early Gift 

I kind of aimlessly missed this challenge for Day 1, but yo, having this challenge placed on the third day feels right because it gives you a little push of a reason to keep looking into the REST of December.

Nonetheless, I found some time for some more lonesome Christmas decoration shopping on the 3rd. This definitely works in my favor because I swear that I CANNOT think whenever DGB comes with me to the store – he’s always rushing me! So yes, I got some alone time and hit the stores.

Okay, it’s not like I went to the store for some serious Christmas shopping, but where does one go to find Christmas decorations? Target, Michael’s, etc – I went there. While shopping for “myself”, I did come across this CUUTTEE Christmas mug that I had to get for DGB.

“King” and “Queen” mug. Okay, fine, considering this is kind of cheating because it was a gift for myself too, but DGB and I actually LOVE calling each other this. Since we already have Mickey and Minnie mugs, I just think this is also a cute reasonable mug to have and give my bb a little gift (and a gift for myself 😀 )

So there ya have it. A little early gift Challenge and he loved it! (No lies, I swear)


Day 4: Donate to a Charity

Christmas is a month of giving, and not often do we think about giving to others who are not as blessed as us. I was inspired to donate to a charity because 1, my workplace has been strongly influencing others to give and volunteer (so yes, it’s working on me), and 2, I’ve realized that there are a lot of opportunities that I’ve missed to give back this year- so why not do it in December?

Considering that there is currently a donation drive at my job for St. Anthony’s (along with the fact that I want to give more than just clothes to donate) – I made a quick online donation for the Charity. It’s simple, easy, fast.

Why also St. Anthony’s? Well, not only is it based in San Francisco, but they help in ways other than just food and clothing, such as providing resources and health care. Every dollar counts, and every individual deserves an opportunity to flourish, so it doesn’t matter the amount you provide – I believe it’s in the Spirit of Giving.
Christmas Spirit is not only about the lights and trees and songs! I felt that placing this specific challenge during the first four days would also help to remind me that I am beyond BLESSED to have my family and a boyfriend to celebrate Christmas with. Therefore, I hope I inspire you to give during this holiday season with this Specific Challenge!

Mind you, I’m always going to be celebrating Christmas in different ways each week – this challenge is going to be amazing because it’s definitely going to vibe up every December Day before we end the year 2017 Strong!

**All Gifs not Designed by Me**


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